Our professional pest management program offers you the very best utilizing the latest innovation and methodologies used in pest management industry for your commercial and residential premises. We have earned a solid reputation for providing superb services and delivering excellent results.


Our innovative pest management program for commercial premises comprises of following:

  • Initial audit of interior and exterior of premises
  • Identification of pest problem
  • Identifying the sources of pest hideouts and their food sources
  • Recommending corrective measures on sanitation and preventive measures
  • Selecting target specific chemical treatment without harming environment
  • Regular monitoring to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and recommending necessary modification required

Know your pest ?


Subterranean termites are ground-inhabiting, social insects that live in colonies. A colony or nest of subterranean termites may be up to 18-20 feet below the soil surface to protect it from extreme weather conditions. These termites travel through mud tubes to reach food sources above the soil surface. They feed exclusively on wood and wood products containing cellulose. They may attack on wooden display boards, carpeting, artwork, books, clothing, furniture and valuable papers, cupboards and door frame.


Termite Management: We carryout termite management with our latest generation odourless termiticide for building under construction(pre-construction anti-termite treatment) & prevent termite infiltration in existiting building (post –construction anti-termite treatment).


GERMAN ROACHES seen commonly in kitchens,pantries,stores etc.

Control measures comprises of Identifying the source of entry, source of food and suggesting ways to prevent them followed by odourless bait treatment .


AMERICAN ROACHES Seen commonly in drains,toilets ,manholes etc.

The treatment comprises of spray treatment .


Rats may eat or contaminate human food, carry ectoparasites such as mites and fleas into close human contact, cause allergies in sensitive individuals, and be disease carriers. In addition, there can be direct effects (not indirect such as disease transmission) of rodents on health such as biting. When rats or mice heavily infest a building, the place may become infested with human-biting mites and fleas (from the rodents), as well as taking on a generalized foul odor from the urine. Large areas inside buildings become drenched with urine over time, creating a disagreeable "mousey odor".


Rodent management Control of rats and mice involves sanitation to remove food, water, and harborage areas for the pests, exclusion of rodents from buildings (plugging all entry points in a building), mechanical trapping/removal, and trapping them with baits.

House flies

Flies breed & feed in unsanitary area with larvae often feeding on decaying organic matter. The adult emerges from the pupae in these unsavory sites and during emergence process can become contaminated. They move into sensitive food preparation, food processing and food consumption areas seeking feeding sites for themselves.


Fly ManagementThe control measures comprise identifying breeding sources, followed by thorough spraying of resting and breeding sites of flies with our special formulation, which are Eco – friendly and easily biodegradable with broad spectrum of action. Suggesting preventive measueres like installation of air curtains,PVC strips, fly catcher etc.


Mosquitoes spread diseases like malaria, dengue, encephalitis, filaria etc. All mosquitoes breed in nonflowing water, and their eggs will not hatch unless moistened with water.


Control Measures The control measures comprises of anti-larval treatment for stagnant water and ULV treatment with odourless chemical for anti-adult treatment indoors, followed by fogging in outside areas.